DUTlab Ay Sancak Project

The project involves the establishment of unmanned factories, settlements, and the robotization of the Moon for the purpose of making the Moon useful for the benefit of humanity. This will be achieved through the use of robots and without the need for human labor, for tasks such as construction, mining, observation, telemetry, and control, all aimed at rendering the Moon accessible and practical.

"İstikbal Göklerdedir"

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

As part of our project, we have designed and manufactured 3 distinct models of lunar exploration robots and successfully completed the testing phases. We introduced our lunar exploration vehicle in various competitions, such as Yıldız Technical University – ROBOCON, Gebze Technical University – KELEBEKRO, Istanbul Technical University – İTÜRO, and other similar events, showcasing our advanced capabilities in lunar exploration technology.

We are continuing our research and development efforts in our project to accomplish construction, mining, observation, telemetry, and control tasks on the Moon using robots, without the need for human labor. Our focus remains on conducting R&D activities to advance this endeavor on the lunar surface.

In alignment with our objectives, our analysis regarding the Moon, coupled with our research and development efforts, is aimed at creating a new series of robots. This series includes the preliminary reconnaissance robot Çelebi, the dual customized exploration robots Hacivat for land-based missions and Karagöz with aerial capabilities, the Tulpar with transportation capacity, and the Ergene series designed for probing tasks. We intend to manufacture prototypes of these robots and successfully conclude individual and collaborative mission tests to validate their performance.


An exploration robot designed for conducting preliminary research on lunar craters.


  • 6-axis robotic arm
  • High telemetry capability
  • 365-degree laser camera
  • Specialized decision-making mechanism designed for tasks


A space drone designed for bird’s-eye viewing and exploration purposes.


  • Takeoff capability
  • High-resolution camera
  • Re-takeoff capability and recharge battery
  • Image processing mechanism tailored for missions
  • Direct communication and coordinated movement capability with Hacivat


Support robot designed to transport, charge, collect, and transmit data for Karagöz over long distances.


  • Charging capability
  • High power capability for long distances
  • High telemetry capability
  • Direct communication and coordinated movement capability with Karagöz


Analysis robot with probe and robotic arms for analysis.


  • Ability to collect and prepare samples
  • XRF spectrometer
  • Elemental and microscopic analysis
  • High telemetry capability
  • Data processing and learning capacity


Transport robot capable of carrying heavy loads.


  • Robotic telescopic grab arm
  • Heavy load-carrying capacity
  • Spacious cargo compartment


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